We want to provide the most durable, weight efficient cargo baskets on the market, for a lot less than the next guy.

Pricing as follows



  • Any floor size up to 24 sq ft. (24 sq ft. = 4ft wide by 6ft long)
  • Mandrel bent 1″ square tube with heavy duty cross bar floor
  • Base model basket attaches to your existing factory or aftermarket crossbars
  • Weighs less than 75lbs, yet is stronger than anything else available commercially
  • Compare to Wilderness or Warrior products and see the quality difference


  • Custom high lift jack attachments, fuel can mounts, shovel mounts and spare tire mounts can be added for $45 each
  • Expanded metal floor can be added for $125
  • Powder coasting available for $150
  • Custom mounting can be made for your specific application and/or depending on your needs
  • Delivery available